About Us
Revolutionizing Indonesian SMEs to the Next Level
Synergize Capital

The story of Synergize Capital could be envisioned as a pioneering firm, established with the mission to harness the collaborative power of synergy in the digital technology, particularly within the vibrant and diverse landscape of Indonesian SMEs. This firm would specialize in identifying, investing in, and consolidating high-potential SMEs across various SMEs sectors in Indonesia, from F&B and Retail to other supporting ecosystems.

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Our Values
Guided by ambition, we aspire to lead as Indonesia’s top Consolidated Holding Company. Our will is unwavering—catalyzing local SMEs into global excellence.
Become the Largest Consolidated Holding Company and House of Brands for SMEs in Indonesia, managing a total revenue exceeding Rp 1 Trillion by 2030
Revolutionize Indonesian SMEs to become World Class Companies
Meet the Pioneer
Heinrich Vincent
Founding Partner
Heinrich Vincent, recognized in the Forbes Indonesia 30 Under 30 and serving as Vice Chairman of ALUDI, is a dynamic entrepreneur celebrated for his leadership. Notable as a SWA Indonesia Young Business Leader in 2021, he participated in the Y Combinator Startup School Advisory Track in 2018 and received the Alibaba E-Founders Fellowship in 2019. Vincent's entrepreneurial vision is epitomized in his role as Founder & CEO of Bizhare. With Bizhare, Vincent is not just shaping the future; he is driving a paradigm shift in investment, fostering innovation and growth for SMEs all across Indonesia.